Concrete sidewalk pour using Poly Form Flatwork forms

Concrete sidewalk pour using Poly Form Flatwork forms

A city crew using lightweight Poly Meta paving forms to pour a sidewalk.  Poly Meta concrete forms enjoy half the weight as old fashioned two by fours when supported with our aluminum inserts. Benefits over wood include uniform straightness and moisture resistance. Poly Meta paving forms never rot or splinter. Our concrete forms are easy to transport, and easy to clean. Poly Meta forms also provide reduced labor and set up time. Customers routinely report 100 uses or more with proper cleaning procedures. This reuse renders them environmentally friendly, while saving you money.

Poly Meta paving forms are adjoined every 12 feet using sliding steel stake pockets. Damage resistant twist in steel stake pockets are easily applied every few feet for added support. Not shown: sliding pockets are also come “stackable.”  Stackable sliding stake pockets are able to combine two of our 6 or 4 inch paving forms for a variety of heights.

To transition from straight work to curve work simply replace the aluminum inserts with our flexible polyethylene inserts, and adjoin forms with sliding stake pockets as normal. To combine Poly Meta paving forms with old fashioned wood forms, pound nails into the sliding stake pocket’s pre-drilled holes.

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