Masonry wheelbarrows

Masonry wheelbarrows Sterling wheelbarrows at the Bricklayer 500 finals. This photo features our Sterling contractor wheelbarrows at the Bricklayer 500 finals. Our contractor wheelbarrows never fail to impress at this event. Concrete contractors at Bricklayer 500 finals love our heavy duty wheelbarrows for their ease of use and superior performance. The trays are manufactured with formed and folded 16 gauge steel, making them thicker and stronger than industry standard trays. Our steel wheelbarrows also include a forward position for perfect balance and stability when moving heavy items. 80% of the load’s weight is engineered to be carried at the wheels while just 20% is in the handles, allowing for faster movement and increased worker productivity. We offer a variety of handle and tire material options. You can customize your wheelbarrow with single or dual tires. The tires are available in pneumatic, flat free and knobby tread styles. Wheelbarrow handles can be made with standard wood or steel. Call Metal Forms Corporation at 414-965-4550 to learn more about our heavy duty contractor wheelbarrows. Back To Product