The image above shows one of our heavy duty poly tray wheelbarrows. The wheelbarrow pictured above has one wheel with a capacity to hold up to 500 lbs of weight. Our dual wheel poly tray wheelbarrow allows for higher weights and great stability will transporting your construction materials. This wheelbarrow is made of a polyethylene compound plastic. You would be mistaken if you thought this was not durable like our steel made wheelbarrows. These poly constructed tray wheelbarrows are designed with incredible durability, yet will not rust like the steel wheelbarrows. This wheelbarrow was also designed with your back in mind. The load weight near the handle is only 20% while the majority of the weight (80%) is near the wheel. This allows you to maneuver heavy amounts of weight around the construction site without breaking your back. This wheelbarrow is our smaller 6 cubic feet capacity poly tray wheelbarrow. We also have poly tray wheelbarrows up to 8 cubic feet to suit your transportation needs. To order or learn more about our poly tray contractor wheelbarrows call Metal Forms Corporation at 414-964-4550. Back To Product