Pictured above is our poly cart wheelbarrow for home gardening applications. Our wheelbarrows are built strong enough for construction sites, yet lightweight and versatile for home gardening projects. This commercial grade wheelbarrow constructed with a heavy duty plastic polyethylene material. Using polyethylene offers advantages over steel constructed wheelbarrows due to their light weight, durability, and resistance to rust. This wheelbarrow uses our flat-free/poly U wheel, preventing it from punctures while transporting materials up to 700 pounds. It is also constructed with an extra thick wheel guard and axle bracket built strong enough for your heaviest loads. While this wheelbarrow is designed to hold large weights, it is ergonomically engineered to protect your back from over exhaustion. The wheelbarrow is designed to hold 80% of the weight near the front wheel and axle and only 20% of the weight near the handles. This allows for moving around maximum loads, easy maneuvering around objects and unmatched stability. For more information on our poly tray contractor wheelbarrows, contact Metal Forms Corporation today at 414-964-4550. Back To Product