Masonry wheelbarrows

Masonry wheelbarrows Sterling wheelbarrows at the Bricklayer 500 finals. Contractors drooled at this fabulous display of Sterling Wheelbarrows at the Bricklayer 500 finals. Heavy duty wheelbarrows from Metal Forms Corporation have established an unmatched reputation as the ultimate wheelbarrow. These wheelbarrows are unmatched for easy operation, high load capacity and long, in-service life. The welded one-piece leg unit means no loose bolts ever. The wheelbarrow trays are 16-gauge steel, formed and folded to a double lapped thickness. Special tray design plus a far forward undercarriage means easier lifting and transportation. 80% of the load is on the wheel with only 20% on the handle, allowing workers to carry heavier loads with less effort. Tire options include molded polyurethane POLY-U® tire with a no-flats guarantee. Move more material per trip. Contact Metal Forms Corporation today at 414-964-4550 for more information on our contractor wheelbarrows. Back To Product