700-4U Sterling wheelbarrow

700-4U Sterling wheelbarrow 7.0 cubic foot steel wheelbarrow with flat free tires. This Sterling Model 700 steel wheelbarrow from Metal Forms Corporation comes with a seven cubic foot capacity and “flat free” tires. Tire options include pneumatic and no flats guaranteed with our molded polyurethane POLY-U® tire. Sterling Wheelbarrows from Metal Forms Corporation are among the most powerful, well-manufactured and practically designed in the world. Sterling Wheelbarrows are without equal for easy operation, high load capacity and long, in-service life. They are a welcome addition to any construction site. Improved efficiency will mean faster completion of projects, adding to profit margin. The benefits will last for years. Sterling Model 700 Wheelbarrows will also last for years! Contact Metal Forms Corporation today at 414-964-4550 for more information on our heavy duty wheelbarrows. Back To Product