Meta Pave II Concrete Paving Forms

Meta Pave II Concrete Paving Forms

Paving forms set in place before the concrete pour

Meta Pave II concrete paving forms after being set up by a paving crew.  Concrete contractors prefer Meta Pave II concrete forms for large paving jobs like airports and interstate highways.  The Meta Pave II steel paving forms were an ideal choice for this large commercial flatwork project thanks to a two slab thickness allowing for deeper pours.  The Meta Pave II’s thick steel construction meets paving specifications and supports deck finishers, roller screeds and heavy-duty paving equipment.

These large concrete forms are easy to stack, transport, set-up, and clean, providing reduced set up time and reduced labor costs.  Each concrete construction paving form is 10 feet in length and easily adjoined to the next paving form with an easy to use sliding design end connection.  Secure, reliable staking is achieved by utilizing the 3 channels in the reinforced steel supports.  Optional dowel bar support assemblies allow reinforcing steel rods to be suspended between the paving forms on the opposite side of the industrial paving project.

Meta Pave II concrete forms are constructed of ¼” and 3/16” steel for lasting, durable construction.  Our heavy-duty highway paving forms and street paving forms are resilient and tough.  Concrete contractors love being able to use the same supplies through many concrete paving projects.  To determine which concrete paving form is right for you, call our experienced customer support staff and we’ll expertly direct you to the perfect tools for your concrete paving job.

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