Concrete Paving Forms

Concrete Paving Forms

Steel Highway Paving forms with Optional Dowel Bar Support System.

A veteran paving crew is using our industrial strength concrete paving forms.  A truck is on hand and ready to perform the concrete pour. Concrete workers have set up the Meta Pave paving forms for this highway paving project for up to 28 inch height.  For commercial flatwork paving construction projects requiring double slab thickness, chose the Meta Pave II for deeper pours.

Our dependable 10 foot paving forms are easy to transport and set-up, reducing the labor costs of paving construction contractors.  All our durable concrete forms are easily connected to neighboring steel paving forms with a simple sliding end connection.  Staking is simplified by using staking channels in the steel supports.  Steel dowel rod supports in our concrete forms allow reinforcing steel rods to be placed across the entire width of the pour area.

Cleaning the steel concrete forms is quick; just hose them off before utilizing their easily stackable design to get home faster after the work is done. Meta Pave concrete forms are made of quarter inch and 3/16 inch steel to ensure long lasting dependability.  Our durable paving forms routinely last through many highway paving, street paving, and airport paving construction projects, making our concrete forms a money saving investment for commercial concrete contractors.  If you’re not sure which steel concrete paving form best suits your needs, Metal Forms has experts on hand to guide you, call 414-964-4550.

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