Reversible Paving Form with Dowel Bar Support Bracket

Reversible Paving Form with Dowel Bar Support Bracket

Dual Duty Reversible Paving form with optional dowel bar support used for paving airport aprons, highways, roads and bridges.

This paving form features a twenty eight inch height.  For deeper, double slap thickness, use the Meta Pave II.

Each reversible concrete paving form is constructed of 3/16ths and one quarter inch steel, providing lasting durability to commercial paving contractors over the course of many street and highway paving jobs.  Each time a metal concrete paving form is reused, money is saved on overhead and labor costs. 

These durable 10” reversible metal concrete paving forms offer a speedy set up and takedown process, saving man hours for commercial paving construction contractors.   Staking is quicker thanks to predrilled, easily accessed staking channels on each side of the reversible concrete paving form.  Optional steel dowel bar support assemblies allow paving teams to reinforce concrete with steel rods.  Even the cleaning process is fast and easy.  Just hose of the paving form and utilize the stackable design for simple transport.

For assistance or advice regarding which metal concrete paving form will best fulfill your commercial paving needs, call us today.  Our experienced customer service representatives are highly knowledgeable and will direct you to the ideal concrete form, provide price quotes, or answer any other paving form questions.

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