Concrete Paving Forms used for airport runway

Concrete Paving Forms used for airport runway

Metal Paving forms made of quarter inch steel used to pave an airport runway.

Meta Pave II concrete paving forms have been set up by a paving crew who has started the pour. This airport runway paving project utilized the Meta Pave II concrete forms for their two-slab depth.

Concrete paving forms from Metal Forms offer commercial pavers a faster set up, take down, transportation and cleaning process, saving paving contractors money on labor costs.  Meta Pave II concrete forms are adjoined to neighboring 10 foot paving forms by employing an easy to use sliding end connection.  Staking is quick and easy thanks to staking channels designed into each reinforced steel support.  Steel rods can be easily suspended across the width of paving projects using the optional steel dowel rod support assembly of the Meta Pave II.

Meta Pave II concrete forms are constructed of 1/4th and 3/16th inch steel.  The heavy duty construction offers commercial pavers many cycles of reuse.  Meta Pave II concrete forms can be used as highway paving forms and airport runway paving forms over and over again, saving commercial concrete contractors money by reducing expenditures on supplies and overhead.  For information about which paving form will best fulfill your concrete paving need, call our knowledgeable customer service professionals today, they’ll know which tools are perfectly suited to your paving job: 414-964-4550.

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