Poly Meta Forms used to pour concrete circle pads

Poly Meta Forms used to pour concrete circle pads

A crew using plastic concrete forms to pour circle slabs for a car dealership. To achieve the circular design, Poly Meta paving forms simply employ flexible polyethylene inserts instead of rigid aluminum ones. Poly Meta paving forms with polyethylene inserts are still adjoined every 12 feet using sliding steel stake pockets, as normal. Twist in steel stake pockets are easily applied every few feet for added support. For a deeper pour, use our “stackable” stake pockets to combine two of our four or six inch paving forms to achieve a variety of different heights. All types of stake pockets are steel and damage resistant.

Here we see the flexibility of our Poly Meta concrete forms with polyethylene inserts being used to attain a design incapable of achievement with old fashioned wood paving forms. Poly Meta concrete forms are half the weight of wood two by fours, easy to transport, and easy to set up. Investing in Poly Meta paving forms will save on labor, as set up time is reduced by not requiring nails.

Poly Meta concrete forms are moisture resistant, and they never splinter or rot. Our paving forms are easy to clean, and with proper care users have routinely reported 100 or more uses from each set of concrete forms.

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