Concrete Pour in Tennesee using Poly Flex Flatwork Forms

Concrete Pour in Tennesee using Poly Flex Flatwork Forms

A long pour using Poly Meta concrete forms, highlighting the use of stake pockets.

To achieve the curved design, Poly Meta paving forms are supported with shorter, flexible polyethylene inserts instead of longer, rigid aluminum ones.  Poly Meta paving forms with polyethylene inserts are still connected every 12 feet using sliding steel stake pockets. Twist-in steel stake pockets are added every few feet for increased support. For a deeper pour, our “stackable” stake pockets will combine any two of our 4-inch or 6-inch paving forms to create an assortment of heights. All our stake pockets are constructed of steel for enhanced damage resistance. 

For the wary, our Poly Meta paving forms are able to be adjoined to old fashioned wood forms using the pre-drilled nail holes in our sliding stake pockets.

All of our Poly Meta concrete forms weight half the weight of wood two by fours, are moisture resistant, they never splinter or rot. The paving forms system is easy to clean and maintain, and thus provides a green, environmentally friendly paving solution. Users have reported as many as 150 reuses with the same set of our paving forms, rendering them a great investment for your paving needs.

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