Wheelbarrow for concrete contractors

Wheelbarrow for concrete contractors Sterling wheelbarrow being used to haul large loads of concrete. The Sterling contractor wheelbarrow in this photograph is being used to transport an enormous load of concrete. Metal Forms Corporation is the premier distributor of heavy duty steel wheelbarrows. They are designed to carry concrete and other extremely heavy materials with ease. A forward positioned design and deep tray ensures 80% of the weight goes on the wheels rather than the handle, so you don’t strain your back or arms. Our steel wheelbarrows are designed with formed and folded 16-gauge steel and exceed industry standards in terms of thickness and strength. A one piece leg unit properly supports the tray providing balance and stability when transporting heavy materials. Our manufacturers pay the utmost attention to detail when assembling heavy duty wheelbarrows, ensuring the highest standard in quality. Never settle for a second-rate alternative when Metal Forms provides the best value steel wheelbarrows. Call Metal Forms at 414-965-4550 to place an order or learn more about our Model 600 Sterling wheelbarrows. Back To Product