Wheelbarrow for demolition work

Wheelbarrow for demolition work Sterling wheelbarrows can handle the toughest demoliton jobs. Sterling wheelbarrows are ideal for use for construction, landscaping and a variety of other commercial applications. Our heavy duty wheelbarrows are designed for maximum dependability and ease of use. Sterling wheelbarrows feature a thick 16-gauge steel design which exceeds industry standards and provides extra strength. Featuring a forward positioning design and deep tray, our steel wheelbarrows easily transport concrete, bricks and other heavy materials. Most of the weight is focused on the wheels rather than the handle, enabling you to get the job done faster without straining your back or arms. A deep tray and welded one-piece leg unit provides excellent balance and stability, eliminating the risk of spilling or falling. Our experienced manufacturers deliver great attention to detail when assembling steel wheelbarrows, ensuring reliability and great performance. Call Metal Forms Corporation at 414-965-4550 for more information or to order our heavy duty wheelbarrows. Back To Product