1. Not A Sideline

Median barrier and bridge parapet forms have been manufactured by MFC since 1971 and are now an important part of our product line. Over 40 years of barrier/parapet form experience has resulted in quality products, competitive pricing and reliable delivery.

2. Slipform Machines Don't Offend Us

Many of our customers own slipformers, but placing barrier or parapet profiles often require conventional forming methods. That's where MFC comes in and helps define the correct set of forms for the project.

3. Made To Specification

Our customer service team takes pride in matching forms to specifications. Once we have the opportunity to study the specs" (Federal, State, Municipal or Private), MFC can engineer forming systems for all types of barrier and parapet projects.

4 . The Bar Is Set High

Quality is king at MFC, so serious attention is given to each and every order. We firmly believe that this attitude is a big reason why MFC has been in business for over 100 years.