1. No Gimmicks Here

MFC designed Poly Meta Formsâ to provide a serious alternative to forming concrete with wood. Our engineered and patented system is the only one in the world that combines LIGHTWEIGHT plastic forms with DURABLE steel hardware.

2. We Know Concrete Forming

MFC has been innovating, designing and manufacturing concrete forming products for over 100 years. Once again, MFC separates itself from the competition with a visionary and field-tested lightweight forming method.

3. We Ask Questions

Do you require forms for tight radii, gradual bends and/or straight work? Will you be placing slabs with different heights? What are the curb specifications? What are the subgrade conditions? Crew size, etc. Once we understand your concrete forming project, we can recommend the correct amount of plastic forms and hardware.

4. MFC Wants To Solve Your Concrete Forming Problems...Not Create New Ones!

Poly Meta Forms is a great product, but it is not the solution for all concrete forming projects. The customer service team at MFC are concrete forming experts and know when to recommend poly forms, steel forms or even wood forms.