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Q: Warranty
  • Honda Warranty - Your local Honda dealer can assist with warranty issues should they arise with yoru engine. MFC does not hold a warrantly on the Honda Engine.
  • Manufacture Warranty - MFC has a 90 day limited warranty. See warranty for details
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Q: What is a roller screed?

The Speed Screed™ Roller (SSR) is a variable length triple tube roller system that allows users to easily swap rollers and extension frames between jobs that require different pour widths. With rollers and extensions available from 10’ to 32’ in single foot increments, almost any job can be easily handled with this machine.

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Q: How does a roller screed work?

A roller screed consists of mechanized seamless pipes that spin against the concrete as contractors drive the unit over form rails. Roller screeds do not vibrate the concrete, so if vibration is engineered into a project a contractor will have to perform vibration manually.

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Q: Roller vs Vibratory

Rolling screeds are more effective than vibrating screeds for pervious paving, low slump concrete, and slope paving.                                               

Vibratory Screeds do a slightly better job of leveling, but a considerably better job of consolidating.

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Q: Widths available? Max and Min?

Minimum length = 10 feet  Maximum Length = 32 feet.  Each of the three rollers utilize a bolting flange and are symmetrical which makes changing machine length quick and easy. The rollers can be orientated in either direction and can be mounted in any position. To replace or swap roller lengths follow the procedures listed in the Owners Manual.

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Q: Slump concrete?

Up to a 1" slump with adequate vibration.

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Q: What powers the roller screed?

A 22hp Honda Engine with a simple operator interface. Equipped with a dual joystick control and smart expandable system.

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Q: How many people needed to operate?

One person can operate the Roller Screed. NEVER allow anyone to operate this equipment without proper training. 

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Q: How wide of a machine/tubes do I need for my jobs?

Minimum 3' wider than pour width, but recommend 4' wider than pour width.

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Q: Max grade to roll on?
5% - 6%
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Q: What is the stroke of the steering leg (Kickstand)?

16" - Will work with 16" forms. Adjustment of kickstand, foot assembly required.

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Q: Does the front "Slinger" tube height adjustment?

Yes. The "Slinger" is adjustable up to 1" above finished slab height. Tube is preset from factory at 1/8" above slab height.

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Q: Replacement parts available?

Yes. ALWAYS use OEM replacement parts. Contact MFC at 414-964-4550 for assistance.


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Q: Hydraulic oil reserviour capacity/type

Hydraulic Oil Reservoir (ISO 46): 10 gallons [37.85L]



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Q: Roller tube diameter

Diameter: 8” SCH.40 Pipe (Ø8.625”) [Ø219.1mm]Wall thickness: 0.322” [8.18mm]Weight per foot: 28.55 lbs. [12.95kg]

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Q: Framing tubes size & weight

2”x2”x1/8” steel tubes
6"x2"x1/8" steel tubes

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Q: Fuel tank size and fuel type
12 gallon tank - Unleaded 86 octane or higher
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Q: Motor Oil Type

Honda recommends a SAE 10W-30 or 5W-30 motor oil for general use. Use a full synthetic 5W-30 for starting/operating temperatures between 5°F (-15°C) and -13°F (-25°C). For other viscosities and recommendations, see Honda Owner’s manual.

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Q: Engine type / HP class

iGX700 22hp Honda Engine  Air-cooled 4-stroke OHV - Intuitive engine automatically increases throttle when required reducing fuel consumption. Eliminates need for choke and reduces chance of engine flooding.

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Q: Hydraulic Oil & Filter care

The hydraulic system utilizes an ISO 46 hydraulic oil. The hydraulic oil filter should be replaced every 500 hours or each year, and the full hydraulic system should be drained each season. When replacing the oil, make sure to clean out any loose particulate at the bottom of the hydraulic tank before refilling with fresh ISO 46 hydradraulic oil.

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Q: Screed weight

Machine weight (15’): 3,537 lbs. [1604kg] Approximate weight per foot for additions: 119 lbs. [54kg]

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Q: Storage/Maintenance

Daily Maintenance: Spray form release oil on any surfaces that will be in contact with concrete Check for loose roller connection hardware Check fuel level Check engine oil level1 Check engine air cleaner Check hydraulic oil level.                      

Weekly Maintenance: Check for loose hardware on engine end frame, lite (idler) end frame, and extension frames.                                                     

Seasonal Maintenance: Replace hydraulic oil & filters Change engine oil and filters (see Honda manual for additional recommendations).

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Q: How do I order?

Contact Metal Forms directly Office: 414-964-4550 or Submit an online Quote Request

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Q: How does the roller screed ship?

Flatbed required - Roller Screed is shipped fully assembled and ready to use.

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Q: Loading & Unloading

When loading and unloading your machines from a flat-bed or trailer, always use either the (4) provided lifting-eyes with shackles and chains rated above the maximum weight of your machine or the provided adjustable fork pocket assemblies. The lifting eyes are attached to the extension frame and can be moved to adjust the picking points for different length machines. The fork pockets can be adjusted by loosening the square U-bolts. Always place the picking support bars or fork pockets at an equal distance from the center of gravity of the machine.

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Q: Lead-time

Typical lead time is 4-6 weeks from date of order. Fastest in the industry!

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Q: Available Options
  • Spray system 
  • Walkway 
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