Wheelbarrow Customer Service

Q: Can I buy direct from Metal Forms Corporation?

Orders must be placed through your local dealer of contractor supplies. Find your local Metal Forms Corporation dealer.

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Q: How do I get a price quote?

Call one of our Metal Form Corporation Sales Representatives at (414) 964-4550 for the name of your local dealer or for a price estimate. Find a Metal Form Corporation dealer nearest you.

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Q: What are the wheelbarrow trays made of?

The Sterling wheelbarrow trays are made of heavy duty 16 gauge steel and are 20% thicker than industrial wheelbarrow trays.  A powder coat finish is applied to the wheelbarrow tray to provide a longer lasting shell and resistance to average wear and tear.

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Q: What is the weight capacity of the wheelbarrows?
  • Metal Forms offers many types of Sterling wheelbarrows. Our smallest wheelbarrow (6 cubic foot tray, with a pneumatic tire) can handle 500lbs. and the largest wheelbarrow (7 cubic foot tray with a flat free tire) can handle 700lbs.
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Q: What are my tray capacity options?
  • Metal Forms offers four different tray options:
    • 6 cubic foot steel tray
    • 7 cubic foot steel tray
    • 6 cubic foot poly tray
    • 8 cubic foot poly tray
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Q: Can my wheelbarrow withstand extreme temperatures?
  • Metal Forms goes to great lengths to produce the best wheelbarrow possible, however extreme heat and exposure to direct sunlight may affect the life of the wood handles. Direct sunlight and high temperatures may also accelerate the wear on the tires.
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Q: How will my wheelbarrows be shipped, and how many are sent on a single pallet?
  • All wheelbarrows are shipped via LTL common carrier because the wheelbarrow trays are too large to ship via UPS/FedEx. We can package up to 25 wheelbarrows (unassembled) on a single pallet.
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Q: Will my wheelbarrow come assembled?

Metal Forms ships all wheelbarrows unassembled, however you may contact your local dealer for this service. Find your nearest dealer HERE.

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Q: What are the wheelbarrow configurations offered?
  • All four tray options shown above are available with the following options:
    • Wood or steel handles
    • Pneumatic, knobby, and flat-free tires

Single, or dual wheel configuration for any of the 3 tire options

Click HERE to view full list of configuration options

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Q: What are the differences between the three tire options?
  • The pneumatic and knobby tires both have inflatable inner tubes that allow for easier maneuverability over job site obstacles. The knobby tire offers increased tread and traction in loose ground conditions. The flat-free tires have no inflatable inner tube, thus making them puncture resistant and more durable. Because of the lack of inner tube in the flat free tires, there is less maneuverability (bounce) than that of the pneumatic tires.
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Q: Can I use other wheelbarrow tires on the Sterling wheelbarrow?
  • No, the hub length on our wheelbarrows prohibits the use of competitor’s tires.
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Q: Where can I purchase wheelbarrow replacement parts?
  • You can contact your local dealer.

Click HERE for help locating your nearest dealer.

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Q: How do I find my nearest Metal Forms dealer?
  • Click HERE to find your nearest Metal Forms dealer.
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Q: What is the warranty on the wheelbarrow?

Click HERE for Metal Forms warranty information.

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Q: Lead-time - How long will it take for me to receive my wheelbarrows?

To find out current lead-times, click HERE to e-mail our sales team or call the office direct at 414-964-4550 to speak with a sales person.

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