Setting Your Poly Meta Forms

The Poly Meta concrete Forms system is a very effective method for forming concrete. Following recommended field instructions and procedures will provide optimal results. One rule of thumb is stake as you go. In other words, stake about every 3 feet from one end to the other rather than driving a stake at one end of the concrete paving form then moving all the way to the other end before driving the next stake. We recommend that each paving form have slide pockets on the end where it joins another form and twist pockets every 3 feet in between. Note that you can insert twist pockets into the channel at any desired location along the length of the form. Each flex form can be bent to achieve a minimum 3 foot radius. The concrete form actually becomes more rigid as you bend it and stake it. Unlike wood, radius forms have a memory and will eventually straiten after use so you can use them again and again even bending them in the opposite direction. Our steel stake pockets are extremely durable. They hold up to repeated use unlike some competitive nylon clamps that tend to become brittle and break.