Types of Staking Pockets

An overview of the different styles of metal staking pockets for the Poly Meta plastic concrete forming system. Sliding, Twist and Stacking pockets are demonstrated.

The inside channel on both the 4" paving form and 6" paving form is identical. The channel is designed to accept 3 types of stake pockets: a slide pocket, a twist pocket, and a stacking pocket. The slide pocket is inserted into the end of either the 4"or 6" paving form. The pocket provides a positive reinforcement at the joint between two forms. All slide pockets have nail holes to permit easy splicing to wood forms. Also, the slide pocket can be moved along the channel to any desired staking position. The twist pocket can be easily inserted at any location along the length of the paving form. By a simple twist, it can be attached either before or after forms are set to grade. The slide type stacking pocket permits forms to be stacked one on top of the other to achieve heights of 8", 10", or 12" depending on which combination of 4" and 6" concrete forms are used. The pockets come in plastic buckets, again, easy to ship and inventory. Slide pockets and twist pockets are packaged in the appropriate amount required to set one box of forms.