Stripping Poly Meta Forms

Tips on how to sucessfully take down your Poly Meta plastic concrete forms when you are done pouring. Be careful not to damage pocket channel.

When loosening stakes to strip the form, hit them parallel to the concrete form. Don't hit the stakes directly away from the form because this could damage the paving form. Also, do not pull the pockets strait out as this may damage the channel. Instead, when stripping a concrete form, untwist the pocket as you take it out.

Our special end connections prevent 2 adjoining concrete forms from breaking apart during extreme temperature variations. All poly ethylene paving forms will expand when the weather is hot and contract when it's cool. Sometimes you may set concrete forms during the day when it's hot, and come back the next morning after a cool night and find that the forms have separated due to contraction. With Poly Meta Forms, a slight tap at the end of the form will close the gap, and you're ready to poor. This is unlike some other plastic forms which can become completely disjointed and have to be realigned and pushed back together to rejoin the connection.