Concrete Forming Products Engineered to Endure

Concrete Form Manufacturer for the Concrete Construction Industry Since 1909

Concrete formsMetal Forms Corporation has a proud history of manufacturing quality products for concrete construction. For over 100 years, the Company has pioneered, engineered and produced durable products supported by dependable customer service and prompt delivery. Over the years, Metal Forms Corporation has been awarded over 40 U.S. and foreign patents and currently holds 10 registered U.S. and Canadian trademarks.

Metal Forms Corporation engineers, supplies and services three important segments of the concrete construction industry: concrete forming, material handling and concrete finishing. The concrete forming category includes steel forms for concrete construction, poly and plastic forms for concrete construction and steel construction stakes. The material handling category includes Sterling wheelbarrows, mortar tubs and brick carts. The concrete finishing category includes truss machines in three different weight classifications.

Paving Forms and Concrete Forming Products

Concrete paving Our concrete forming products are marketed under the METAFORMS® trademark and include steel forms for concrete construction from flatwork forms to curb & gutter forms to paving, median barrier and bridge parapet forms. Concrete forming also includes poly and plastic concrete forming systems for flatwork, curb & gutter and tight radiuses along with form stakes, nail stakes and stringline stakes. Our material handling products are marketed under the STERLING “Tough Guy”® trademark and include heavy-duty contractor wheelbarrows, mortar tubs and brick and block carts. Our concrete finishing products are marketed under the SPEED SCREED® trademark and include all types of truss screeds for concrete roadbuilding, airports, ramps, streets and flatwork applications.

Metal Forms Corporation, a leading concrete form manufacturer, has been supplying the concrete construction industry with top of the line concrete forming systems outperforming other concrete form manufacturers worldwide. Metal Forms Corporation manufactures cutting edge concrete paving forms for highways, airports, streets, intersections, taxiways, ramps, and more. Concrete construction advancements begin with Metal Forms Corporation as we form the road to success. As Metal Forms Corporation expands, concrete forms products innovation continues.

First Concrete Form for Constructing Concrete Homes and Buildings

Metal Forms Corporation is the first concrete forming manufacturing company to successfully design and produce a steel form for constructing concrete homes and buildings. We have the experience and reputation for designing and manufacturing the right concrete form for all types of concrete paving applications. Metal Forms Corporation has designed paving forms for highway, airport, street, and related paving projects throughout the world. More than standard concrete construction form products, Metal Forms Corporation offers premium concrete construction products engineered to our customers’ specifications. From heavy duty steel concrete forms for the toughest jobs to lightweight plastic concrete forms for shaping tight radiuses, Metal Forms Corporation has the concrete forming product for your specific concrete construction job.

Quality Concrete Construction Forms, Customer Service, Prompt Delivery

Metal Forms Corporation pioneers quality concrete forming products backed by reliable service. Our customer service team has more than 150 years of experience in the concrete paving industry. Metal Forms Corporation builds long-term, trustworthy, and mutually beneficial relationships in order to lock in complete customer satisfaction. Our ability to attract and retain the best customers in the construction industry is built on four important cornerstones: quality products, dependable customer service, prompt delivery, and partnering. By providing knowledgeable, professional and personable assistance before, during, and after each sale, Metal Forms Corporation ensures dependable customer service for all our valued concrete construction forming and finishing customers. From custom orders to standard products, we aim to provide the best delivery in the concrete construction forming and finishing manufacturing business. Metal Forms Corporation continues our proud tradition of manufacturing quality concrete construction forming and finishing products for the concrete construction industry by creating products that advance Form to Finish.

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