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Metal Forms Corporation’s Speed Screed® provides quality concrete finishing products to concrete contractors worldwide. For over 30 years, Metal Forms has been manufacturing screeds.

Speed Screed® offers two concrete finishing machine models:  Heavy Duty™ Concrete Screed, Cruiser™ Concrete Screed to satisfy all concrete construction finishing job demands. Our Heavy Duty™ concrete screed model is designed for high production, low slump paving operations. Our Cruiser™ screed model is our most popular concrete screed for all types of finishing projects.

Our Speed Screeds® feature reversible aluminum square tubes – giving you twice the life on the screed surfaces. Additionally, the Speed Screed® surfaces are easy to clean, saving you time and labor. Not only does the square finishing tube increase the life of the machine, but it eliminates the hard labor involved in manually removing concrete from angled blades.

The Speed Screed® Heavy Duty™ comes standard with an 8-horsepower Honda engine. For tougher jobs, you can upgrade to a direct-drive hydraulic system and a 13-horsepower Honda engine. Our hydraulic systems don’t require extra belts or pulleys. Switching over to a hydraulic set-up is simple and can be done in the field.

Our Speed Screed® Cruiser™ comes equipped with hand winches. On traditional screeds with hand winches, you’d need two people to operate the screed because the hand cranks are located on either side of the screed. Optional one-side hand winch Speed Screeds® are available, allowing for one-person operation.

Contact the concrete screed truss machine suppliers at Metal Forms Corporation today for more information on our excellent concrete finishing equipment and Speed Screed machinery.