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Concrete formsMetal Forms Corporation has a proud history of manufacturing quality products for concrete construction. For over 100 years, the Company has pioneered, engineered and produced durable products supported by dependable customer service and prompt delivery. Over the years, Metal Forms Corporation has been awarded over 40 U.S. and foreign patents and currently holds 10 registered U.S. and Canadian trademarks.

Metal Forms Corporation engineers, supplies and services two important segments of the concrete construction industry: concrete forming and concrete finishing. The concrete forming category includes steel forms for concrete construction, plastic forms for concrete construction and steel construction stakes. The concrete finishing category includes vibratory truss machines in two different weight classifications and the new Roller Screed.

Forming Everything: Sidewalks, Roads, Bridges and Monumental Structures

Some of the high-profile concrete structures using MetalForms concrete forms include:

Bay Bridge connecting San Francisco to Oakland

Concrete Form San Francisco CA

AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas - Home of the Dallas Cowboys

Concrete forming in Dallas Texas

JFK International Airport in Jamaica, Queens, New York

Concrete Forms Airport Runways

Marquette Interchange in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Concrete forming highways freeways tollways

Concrete Paving Forms

MFC's concrete paving forms are versatile, durable and precision-built for consistent and painless concrete forming. Metal Forms Corporation produces Meta Pave™ forms and Meta Pave II™ forms. These forms are available in heavy-duty 1/4th inch and 3/16ths inch steel. The lighter Base-Line™ forms are available in 3/16ths inch and 1/8th inch steel. Concrete conctractors consistently rate MetalForms' Meta Pave and Base-Line forms as the best concrete paving forms on the market.

Meta Pave Paving Forms BaseLine lightweight paving form

Barrier concrete form Parapet concrete form

Median Barrier and Parapet Forms

Median barrier and bridge parapet construction requires consistent and reliable concrete forms. MetalForms Corporation manufactures superior concrete forms for highway and bridge barricade construction. Metal Forms Corporation's concrete forms are popular for high-traffic roads and bridges such as Milwaukee's Marquette Interchange.

Flatwork Forms

MFC's Flatwork forms are perfect for a wide range of concrete cross sections. We manufacture flexible radius forms and Slim-Line lightweight forms for driveways and sidewalks. Versatile Base-Line forms can be used for light paving as well as heavier concrete construction. Base-Line forms are built to support lightweight screeding equipment.

Flexible Radius steel form Slim Line lightweight forms
Straight Forms Flexible radius forms

Plastic Paving Forms

These plastic concrete paving forms are made from durable HDPE supported by steel inserts for rigidity. MFC's Straight forms and flexible radius forms save time, lumber and sweat. These concrete forms are extremely reusable and easily washable. Steel stake pockets make the forms stackable, meaning you can form concrete at 4", 6", 8", 10", and 12" depths.

Concrete Finishing Screeds

MetalForms Corporation produces powerful vibratory concrete finishing truss screeds. We manufacture two fully customizable Speed Screed models: the Heavy Duty Truss Screed and the lighter weight Cruiser Truss Screed. MetalForms' vibratory screed options include offset plates, crowning adapters, hand winches, and hydraulic winches.  New in 2020 - Introducing the Speed Screed® ROLLER. With its simple joystick controls, modular frame and intuitive Honda engine, the Speed Screed® ROLLER is an easy choice.


Quality Concrete Construction Forms, Customer Service, Prompt Delivery

Metal Forms Corporation pioneers quality concrete forming products backed by reliable service. Our customer service team has more than 150 years of experience in the concrete paving industry. Metal Forms Corporation builds long-term, trustworthy, and mutually beneficial relationships in order to lock in complete customer satisfaction. Our ability to attract and retain the best customers in the construction industry is built on four important cornerstones: quality products, dependable customer service, prompt delivery, and partnering. By providing knowledgeable, professional and personable assistance before, during, and after each sale, Metal Forms Corporation ensures dependable customer service for all our valued concrete construction forming and finishing customers. From custom orders to standard products, we aim to provide the best delivery in the concrete construction forming and finishing manufacturing business. Metal Forms Corporation continues our proud tradition of manufacturing quality concrete construction forming and finishing products for the concrete construction industry by creating products that advance Form to Finish.

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