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Metal Forms Barrier and Parapet Forms: Exacting Specifications For Customers, Outstanding Profit Margins For Dealers.

Metal Forms has a long history of building concrete median barriers to conform to a wide range of specifications, as well as standard configurations. We have been manufacturing barriers and bridge parapet forms since 1971 and are known not only for the quality and timeliness of our work, but also for the generous margins our dealers enjoy.

Since 1909, Metal Forms has been an industry leader in developing products for concrete construction of all types—from thousands of miles of Interstate Highway System in the 1950s to bridge parapet forms designed to add aesthetic appeal to Milwaukee’s massive Marquette Interchange project.

While we take pride in the tremendous scope and scale of the many projects our forms are used in, we realize much credit is owed to our dealers. Besides enjoying a high profit margin for their work, Metal Forms dealers also benefit from one of the most extensive dealer support programs in the industry.  


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Rock Solid Dealer Support

All Metal Forms dealers receive knowledgeable, friendly and timely assistance as needed before, during and after each sale. We also routinely partner up with our dealers on promotions and special events, publish a regular newsletter which includes features on Metal Forms dealers throughout the country, and have memberships with organizations committed to the interests of dealers in the construction industry.

We also offer a 3-tier Dealer Program, which offers discounts on Metal Forms products, better terms, marketing and advertising support and more to participating members. In truth, no one does more to look after their dealers. With Metal Forms, you are not just a dealer. You’re a partner.

Benefits of Being a Metal Forms Dealer:

  • 100+ years of experience in the construction equipment industry and over 40 US and foreign patents.
  • Backed by an American company based in the Midwest
  • Deal direct with the manufacturer--no sales reps or agents bugging you
  • We are committed to superior customer service and prompt delivery to our dealers
  • More bottom-line profit to our dealers than our competitors offer
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