Median Barrier / Bridge Parapet

( using form aligners / turnbuckles )

  1. Make sure all faces of formwork are clean of rust and debris. Excessive rust will show in the finished product.
  2. Set front contour form using aligner assemblies to hold form to job specifications (shimming may need to be used if grade / surface is not level). Front form will need to be held down to prevent it from lifting/floating during the pour. Here is a list a few commonly used methods to prevent forms from lifting.
  1. Anchor forms through base holes provided.
  2. Use wood or metal kicker outside of base (see drawing)
  3. Tie down through center of forms from top spacer to rebar (see drawing)
  1. Set back form in place using top spacers to hold top to correct thickness. Standard top spacers have guide pins to hold forms in place during the setting process. The base of the back form is typically anchored to deck/grade or falsework.
  2. Use ties to prevent forms from spreading near the base. Reference ACI 347 for lateral and uplift pressures to help determine tie size and spacing. It is the contractor’s responsibility to use correct tie size and spacing. Listed below is some commonly used tie hardware.
    1. Coil Taper Ties
    2. Coil rod with sleeve
    3. Snap ties
  3. Spray barrier forms with clean form release agent to facilitate stripping.