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An Engineered Plastic Concrete Forming System

Poly Meta Forms Logo Poly Meta Forms® are a light weight and green alternative to traditional wood forming. Weighing 50% less than wood and having uniform heights makes poly forms the simple choice when forming sidewalks, slabs or driveways. Poly Meta Forms® system allows for horizontal and vertical adjustments by simply loosening the wedge on the steel pockets.

Plastic Curb and Gutter Forms

An Engineered Plastic Concrete Curb and Gutter Forming System

The Poly Meta Forms® curb and gutter system is a labor- and money-saving alternative to forming concrete with wood. The unique system utilizes plastic forms in conjunction with steel stake pockets and overhead hangers to place all types of concrete curbs.

Versatile: Twist in overhead hanger unit adjusts for both curb thickness and curb batter

Stackable: Stacking pockets let users achieve varying heights

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plastic curb and gutter forms

Stacking Forms  The slide-type "Stacking" pockets permits poly forms to be stacked to achieve heights of 8", 10" and 12". 

concrete Form Stacking

Overhead Hanger
The versatile twist-in "Overhead Hanger" is adjustable for both curb thickness and curb batter (layback). 

Items required to form 12' of curb and gutter:

  • 12" back curb form = 2 - 6" Poly Meta Forms stacked
  • Front gutter form = 1 - 6" Poly Meta Form
  • Curb Face form = 1 - 6" Poly Meta Form
  • Staking = 3 - Twist pockets, 1 - Slide pocket, 4 - Stacking Pocket (6+6) 
  • Overhead Hangers = 4 - overhead hangers
  • 8- Nail stakes

Save Time, Labor and Money with Poly Meta Curb and Gutter Forms

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