Cruiser™ Vibratory Finisher

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Speed Screed concrete finishing machineCruiser concrete screed

The Best Vibratory Finishing Model for all Types of Concrete Finishing Projects.  

The Cruiser model is perfect for paving roads, slabs, streets, etc. It will consolidate up to 11" thick, 3" + slump concrete and with additional truss will extend to 65'. The machine is available with hand winching or hydraulic power winching. The machine has an all-welded steel frame and has no castings. We use self-aligning bearings (4 per 10') and the largest counterweight of any screed in the marketplace.

Exclusive Speed Screed Features

speed screed tube screed pump drive
"Double Life" Finishing Tubes. Reversible aluminum tubes last twice as long as angle blades and easier to clean.
Direct Drive system doesn't require extra belts and pulleys

Standard Equipment


 Variable in 2-1/2', 5' and 10' extensions 


 Heavy-duty winches with 75' of 1/8" aircraft cable for use with hydraulic or hand winches. 

Crown Control Options for Concrete Screed Trusses

 Turnbuckles with lock nuts provide fast, positive adjustment for various crowns and slopes. No extra parts or conversion kits required for finishing either parabolic or inverted surfaces.           

Concrete Screed Interlocking Support System

 An outside saddle bracket works in conjunction with an inside sleeve to provide accurate screed alignment and a sturdy, reinforced joint. 

Vibration Control for Concrete Screed Systems

 Strategically located eccentric weights, in combination with aluminum tubes, supply even, deep and intense vibrations that penetrate directly into the concrete over the entire length of the pour. 

The Speed Screed Cruiser is a reliable and outstanding concrete finishing screed. Customization options make this screed favored by contractors everywhere.

This cruiser comes fully equipped with several features right off the assembly line:

5 horsepower Honda engine

The engine will help you with the speed you need when screeding concrete to perfection.

The engine can be upgraded to 8 or 13 horse power engines depending on the size of your project or if you decide to use a hydraulic winch.

2 hand winches

Built for easy manual labor between two people. With a hand winch on each side of the screed, contractors can easily cover up to 3 feet per minute without sacrificing quality.

“Double Life” Finishing Tubes

Aluminum tubes better designed for smoothing the surface of concrete than regular angle blades. The design makes these tubes easily reversible and gives them twice the lifespan of other products.

Direct Drive system

No extra belts or pulleys necessary. This mechanism has reduced noise and improved effectiveness. The Direct Drive system makes Cruiser screeds move smoother and more efficiently.

The Speed Screed Cruiser is excellent in working on slabs ranging from residential to commercial, streets/highways, and even airports.

Can be used on projects…

  • up to 60’ in width
  • with a slab thickness of 6”-12”
  • a slump 3” or higher

Metal Forms’ 30+ years of experience with screed designs has led to the latest and best equipment in concrete furnishing. The Speed Screed Cruiser is the most versatile screed in the industry.

Vibratory Finisher Options

Offset Plate

Crowning Adapter


Hand Winching




 Hydraulic Winching


Speed Screed vibratory screeds feature easy customization for any concrete finishing job.

Offset Plates

Allows the screed to finish concrete beneath the top of the concrete paving form.

Crowning Adapter

Can adjust the crown for each segment of your truss screed. Contractors can easily configure it to pave a crown, inverted crown, or flat slab.

Hand Winching

For when you want someone to advance the screed by hand. Your screed can be either one or sided or two sided. Metal Forms ships any unadjusted screed orders with two hand winches. One for both sides of the screed.

Hydraulic Winching

Eliminate the physical labor required to move the truss screed across its set path. Perfect for jobs requiring higher consistency and faster leveling. Better used with longer screeds.

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Job Site Images:
Speed Screed Cruiser model used in the Bahamas for concrete paving
Concrete screed riding on steel flatwork forms
Speed Screed truss machines used to produce superior concrete slabs
Speed Screed truss machines used to produce superior concrete slabs