Plastic Flatwork Concrete Forms

Plastic Concrete Forms

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  • High Density Polyethylene plastic, superior to lumber
  • Easy to wash off
  • Extremely reusable
  • Stackable
  • Reduces labor costs of concrete forming
Straight concrete connector


Rigidity of Lumber

*Aluminum tube inserts reinforce the entire length of the form.


  • 4" and 6" Heights
  • All 12' Lengths
  • Uniform Sizes and Lengths compared to lumber

End Connection

  • Tight Secure Form Joint
  • Fast, Accurate Alignment
  • Eliminates Toe-Nailing

Form Specifications:


High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)


One-time purchase. Documented reuses of 150 times or more


2"x 4"x 12' - size guaranteed
2"x 6" x 12'- size guaranteed


50% lighter than wood forms.
4" Flexible = 0.5 lbs. per foot/ 77 lbs. per box/ #869-420
4" Straight= 1.0 lbs. per foot/ 129 lbs. per box/ #869-450
6" Flexible= 0.75 lbs. per foot/ 105 lbs. per box/ #869-620
6" Straight= 1.25 lbs. per foot/ 155 lbs. per box/ #869-650


10 Forms per Box

Plastic Concrete Froms Packing Specs

Stake Pocket Specifications:

Metal stake pockets are interchangeable in both 4" and 6" forms

Twist pocket connector The "Twist" pocket provides multiple staking options since it can be easily inserted at any location along the length of any form. Recommended three twist pockets per length of any 4" or 6" form. (one bucket per box of forms).
Slide pocket
The "Slide" pocket is inserted at the end of either the 4" or 6" poly form. Convenient connection to wood with predrilled nail holes. Recommended one slide pocket per form (one bucket per box of forms).



Special Analysis Steel


Slide: 1.3 lbs. per pocket/ 23 lbs. per bucket/ part #869-025
Twist: 1.3 lbs. per pocket/ 42 lbs. per bucket/ part #869-040
Stacking: 3.0 lbs. per pocket/ 17 lbs. per bucket


30 Twist pockets per bucket
15 Slide pockets per bucket

Job Site Images:
Concrete sidewalk pour using Poly Form Flatwork forms
Poly Meta Forms used to pour concrete circle pads
Concrete pour in France with Poly Forms Flatwork forms
The many uses of Poly Meta plastic concrete forms
Concrete Pour in Tennesee using Poly Flex Flatwork Forms