Meta Pave: For Pouring One Slab Depth

Heavy duty paving form for airports and highways

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1/4 Inch: Meets strict paving specifications and supports heavy-duty paving equipment.

3/16 Inch: Supports deck finishers, roller screeds and lightweight paving equipment

  • Stake pockets: (3) Channel design
  • End connections(1): Sliding design
  • Height: Up to 28"
  • Base: Same as height (or less)
  • Strength: ¼" or 3/16" steel
  • Standard 10' Lengths
  • Part #5**-900, ex:512-900= 12" paving form

Paving Form Options:

Dowel bar support system for paving forms               Keyway attachment for concrete paving forms  
 Dowel Bar Support Assemblies Keyway Attachment
  • Reinforcing Gussets
  • Turned-up base Flange
  • Double Wedge Stake Pockets
  • Extra Stake Pockets
  • Dowel Bar Punching
  • Riser Form Attachment
Job Site Images:
Meta Pave II Concrete Paving Forms
Concrete Paving Forms
Airport Runway Paving Forms
Reversible Concrete Paving Forms
Reversible Paving Form with Dowel Bar Support Bracket
Concrete Paving Forms used for airport runway