Vibratory Screed Options

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Offset Plate

Screed Options Offset Plate

Crowning Adapter

Screed Options Crown Adapter

Hand Winching

Screed Options Hand Winch

Hydraulic Winching

Screed Options Motor

Speed Screed vibratory screeds feature easy customization for any concrete finishing job.

Offset Plates

Allows the screed to finish concrete beneath the top of the concrete paving form.

Crowning Adapter

Can adjust the crown for each segment of your truss screed. Contractors can easily configure it to pave a crown, inverted crown, or flat slab.

Hand Winching

For when you want someone to advance the screed by hand. Your screed can be either one or sided or two sided. Metal Forms ships any unadjusted screed orders with two hand winches. One for both sides of the screed.

Hydraulic Winching

Eliminate the physical labor required to move the truss screed across its set path. Perfect for jobs requiring higher consistency and faster leveling. Better used with longer screeds.

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