All Aboard Florida has named Archer Western Construction the Manager in charge of construction for the (automated people mover) passenger-rail infrastructure at Orlando International Airport.   Working closely with the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, Archer Western will be responsible for the construction of the railway, the roadway and related structures for the All Aboard Florida’s intercity passenger trains that begin service from the airport in late 2017.

Archer Western will build the running surface (concrete plinths) for the new  monorail system.  The concrete plinths are roughly 8000 lf long with 4 total tracks and varying in heights from 9” to 12” and then again from 12” to 16”.  All of the variances are due to elevation differences in the base.  However, the concrete plinths are required to be level through the course to provide level travel.  The contractor required special forms to meet their needs and they contacted Metal Forms in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a unique solution. 

Adjustable Sliding Concrete Form

Joey Jordan, Project Engineer for Archer Western, inquired if Metal Forms would manufacture “adjustable” paving forms for their Orlando project. In a collaborative effort with Archer Western, MFC designed paving forms to meet their needs.  The forms were custom-fabricated with an adjustable front skin that would lower and raise to heights of either 9” or 12” (12”-16” for the taller form) or any desired sizes in between.  The ends also had a sliding track to help keep the forms in alignment while adjusting.

Radius Concrete Pours

The four (4) adjustable top spacers per 10’ were designed to facilitate gang stripping. The forms are 10’ long and manufactured in 10 ga. steel.  5’ lengths were also made for the radius portions of the project.

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Adjustable paving