Our Heritage

Metal Forms Corporation (MFC) is a century old company that designs, engineers, manufactures and markets quality products for general and concrete construction.


MFC was established in 1909 and became the first company to successfully design and produce steel forms for building monolithic concrete homes. This innovative spirit has continued for over 100 years with the development of a diverse product line identified by familiar registered trademarks.

In 1910, the company produced forms used to build hundreds of concrete homes inspired by the famous inventor, Thomas Edison.

In the early 1900's, concrete paving forms were introduced to support the heavy roadbuilding machines.  Some of these machines were designed by Phillip Koehring (co-founder of the Koehring Machine Company) and brother-in-law of G. H. Miller (President of MFC). 

Durable Concrete Forms

   In 1919, “METAFORMS®” becomes a registered trademark.

Metaforms Trademark for Concrete FormingIncreased sales volume during the depression 

MFC’s work week was raised to 55 hours and business was up 30% and an additional 20% in 1931.  Construction of public buildings and roads were the main sources of the strong business atmosphere for MFC amidst the financial woes of many during the depression years.

Concrete Industry Great Depression Building Bridges with Concrete Forms


Manufactured the steel forms used in 1936 to build the unusual and innovative “dendriform” concrete columns designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for the headquarters of S. C. Johnson & Son in Racine, WI.

Concrete Forms for Custom Columns Custom Concrete Forming


Concrete Forming for Highways InterstatesRedesign of paving forms to provide a new and improved product in time to meet the demand of the concrete paving boom and the building of the Interstate Highway System started by President Eisenhower in 1956.  This product was inspired by Harold E. Miller, the second generation Miller at Metal Forms Corporation.        




MFC earns the honor of being a “Half-Century Exhibitor” at the 1975 CONEXPO.Award Winning Concrete Forms 

Broke into the equipment end of the industry in the 1980’s with the addition of the concrete finishing machines SPEED SCREED®  to it's product line.                                           Speed Screed Concrete Finishing                                                                                                                

          Introduced an innovative concrete forming system Poly Meta Forms® in 2000 featuring lightweight plastic forms.

Lightweight Concrete Forms


Purchased SterliSterling Heavy Duty Wheelbarrowsng Handling Equipment in 2008, another Milwaukee manufacturer with over 100 years of history, featuring Sterling “Tough Guy”® wheelbarrows.  The addition of product lines other than steel forms (finishing machines, poly forms and wheelbarrows) came under the direction of Thomas E. Miller, the third generation Miller at MFC.











Entering into its second century of operation, MFC has earned the reputation as a world class provider of quality products for the construction industry.


Fresh Facade in 2017 - Metal Forms Corporation Undergoes A Facelift!

Even though MFC is celebrating its 109th birthday in 2018, there is ample evidence of change and progression here at our home base in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.



During the past year, the exterior of the MFC facility underwent a complete transformation: brand new windows, doors and lighting now blend-in with an earth tone color scheme. The new look is accented by creative and rustic artwork and trellises courtesy of Justin Daul (Chief Engineer). The entire project, coordinated by new employee Chris Grandt (Dealer Account Manager), is capped-off with updated MFC logos and signage above the main Booth Street entrance as well as above the shipping/receiving area.






 With a fresh façade on the outside and a new state-of-the-art robotic cell on the inside, MFC is definitely not letting old age slow it down.





 MFC Enters the Precast Barrier Form Market in 2018




MFC enters the precast barrier form market with the introductionof two different concrete casting methods: trunnion style and hinge style.



In 2020 MFC Announces a Brand New Addition of the Speed Screed® ROLLER 
MFC is pleased to announce a brand new addition to our respected line of concrete paving finishers... the Speed Screed® ROLLER.
SPEED SCREED® ROLLERThe new Machine is a result of a strong demand by paving contractors to complement our line of truss screeds with a roller-type model. We answered the call with the Speed Screed® ROLLER which incorporates many features not found on competitive roller/paver equipment.



New "Miller Park" Patio built - September 2021