Design Features of Concrete Finishing Speed Screed

Let's take a closer look at the design features that make the speed screed so unique. The design and construction of speed screed models blend the best of both worlds, a rugged steel frame combined with aluminum finishing tubes. The steel frame is strong and durable, thus assuring that the entire machine will have long-term reliability and minimum maintenance. The remaining structure of the machine, the front and rear aluminum tubes, provides the precise finishing action needed for smooth and accurate concrete surfaces. The finishing tubes on all three models are easily reversed if the original wearing surface needs replacing. This reversible feature truly provides a double life for the front and rear finishing tubes. Other concrete screeds on the market require the purchase of additional finishing angles or blades when the original finishing surface wears out. Aluminum finishing tubes permit a solid yet simple interlocking concrete screed connection. An outside saddle bracket works in conjunction with the inside sleeve to provide accurate tube alignment and a sturdy, reinforced joint. An additional advantage of aluminum tubes is the ability to move and carry a roll of concrete ahead of both the front and rear tubes during finishing operations. The rolling action created by the tubes helps prevent voids and greatly reduces the amount of labor needed to level concrete ahead of the machine. Another advantage of aluminum finishing tubes is the relative ease of cleaning the machine after operation. Unlike angle blades, tubing does not accumulate concrete.