Base-Line™ Forms

Heavy duty concrete flatwork form

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Base-Line Concrete Forms

Made of 10 gauge steel; Heavy-duty design ensures rugged performance and long life.

Heights: 4" to 24"
Base: 4"
Top Tread: 2"
Stake Pockets: Box-Type
End Connection: Full-Height Bent Plate

Base-Line concrete forms are heavy duty and designed for maximum durability. These concrete forms are tough and dependable over time. Base-Line concrete forms are expertly engineered to resist wear, rust, cracking or warping. A four inch wide base adds support and stability for on-grade forming applications. With Base-Line concrete forms you’ll be able to create a variety of slabs and elevations.

Steel Flatwork Concrete Forms Options:

  • Special Punching: Hole punching can specified in the face, base, or top tread.
  • Sliding End Connection: Sliding end connections permit forms to be stripped over dowel bars.
  • Steel Thickness: Forms can be made of alternative gauges of steel.
  • Keyway Form: Is quickly and easily attached to Metaforms® to provide a "tongue and groove" joint between adjacent sections of flatwork. Keyway form is conveniently attached by bolting through holes in face of forms.


Job Site Images:
Flatwork concrete forms with Keyway attachment
Heavy Duty Metal Concrete Forms used in LA
Steel Flatwork Concrete Forms used in Street Construction
Concrete Forms Used in Wind Farm Construction
Steel Flatwork Concrete Forms Used for Sidewalk