Field Reports

Field Reports showcasing the benefits of using MFC products with reviews direct from our customers. Click on the below product category links to be directed to the Field Reports.

Flatwork Forms

Preferred by leading contractors for over 100 years, Metaforms® offer a wide range of adaptability plus many time and labor saving features. Steel flatwork concrete forms are used by concrete contractors for the following applications: driveways, sidewalks, patios, parking lots, commercial floors, and lightweight paving. In comparison with wood forms, Metaforms® not only greatly reduce setting and stripping costs and completely eliminate costly, recurring lumber bills, but they represent an investment in equipment which will give many years of rugged, dependable service.

Poly Meta Forms

Poly Meta Forms® are a light weight and green alternative to traditional wood forming. Weighing 50% less than wood and having uniform heights makes poly forms the simple choice when forming sidewalks, slabs or driveways. Poly Meta Forms® system allows for horizontal and vertical adjustments by simply loosening the wedge on the steel pockets.


Speed Screed® offers two concrete finishing machine models:  Heavy Duty™ Concrete Screed, Cruiser™ Concrete Screed to satisfy all concrete construction finishing job demands. Our Heavy Duty™ concrete screed model is designed for high production, low slump paving operations. Our Cruiser™ screed model is our most popular concrete screed for all types of finishing projects.

Paving Forms

MFC has the experience and reputation for designing and manufacturing the right paving form for all types of concrete paving applications. Our customer service team has more than 150 years of experience in the concrete paving form industry. We manufacture highway paving forms, airport paving forms and street paving forms for concrete paving projects throughout the world.

Median Barrier/Bridge Parapet Forms

Metal Forms Corporation's median barrier concrete forms are engineered to be efficient and to be of exact specifications.  Metal Forms manufactures each concrete form to meet state, military or federal dimensions.  From New Jersey style median barrier forms to custom bridge parapet forms, Metal Forms manufactures the highest grade products available.

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